What is blockchain technology (in simple terms)?

decortive image with the word blockchain

We are hearing more about blockchain technology as time goes on.  If you aren’t sure what it’s all about then you wouldn’t be the only one, as many people are confused by this technology.  Here we will look at what blockchain is and attempt to demystify it once and for all.

Which IT jobs will be most secure in 2022 and beyond?

person carrying out their IT job

For those of us who have a love for all things technical, it isn’t all doom and gloom. If you’ve been thinking of training for a career in ICT, then the time really could not be better. The Future of Jobs Report 2018 also predicts which technical roles will grow even more by 2022. Suffice to say, this is a pretty big hint as to which IT jobs might be the safest bet for the future. Let’s take a look at some of those roles more closely.