Top 3 ways to stop spam calls in their tracks

smartphone user

There are several things you can do to reduce the nuisance of these unwanted callers and reclaim your phone. We have all experienced unwanted calls at some point and know only too well just how annoying it can be. Aside from being an outright nuisance, spam calls can also be somewhat of a security risk as there is often fraud involved. Here are some helpful suggestions to minimise spam calls.

Cybercrime – 10 tips to avoid becoming a victim

cybercrime victim looking worried

The most tech-savvy of people can be caught out by cybercriminals from time to time. Even if you try to keep up to date with the latest scams, the growing threat of cybercrime can feel overwhelming. But don’t panic just yet – you can do some basic things to take better care of your information security. So, what exactly can you do?